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1. Do not advertise other servers.

Please refrain from saying other servers' IP's or websites in any way,

typing them on signs, mailing, messaging, and in books. Please do not advertise Pure Realms on other servers.

2. Do not use hacks or unfair mods.

This includes but is not limited to any mod that gives yourself the unfair benefits.

Please ask a staff member before using any mods if you are unsure if they are allowed or not. 

Optifine, Shaders, Mini-maps, and HUD's are allowed.

3. Do not Hackusate In-game.

Do not accuse someone of hacking or glitching in-game. Please make a report using the "Report" form under the "More" tab at the top of this page.

4. Do not use any racial, sexist, homophobic, or religious slurs.

Please refrain from using racist and sexist language.

5. Do not spam or link to shock websites.

This includes but is not limited to saying something in chat repeatedly, spamming teleport requests to a player, and spam messaging someone. A shock website is any site that has sudden pop ups, sudden loud sounds, or pornography.

6. Do not use excessive capitals.

Please do not use excessive capitals to spam.

7. Do not abuse plugins or bugs.

Please do not abuse bugs or plugins. If you found a bug, please tell us using our "Bug Tracker" under the "More" tab at the top of this page.

8. Do not combat log.

Do not log out while in combat. We have a plugin that will stop this, so punishment will not be issued.

Upon combat logging, an NPC bot will replace you so whoever you were fighting still has a chance to kill you and get your items. 

9. Do not glitch.

This includes but is not limited to door glitching, block glitching, and enderpearl glitching.

10. Do not scam other players.

This includes but is not limited to Teleport scamming and item scamming.

11. Do not DDoS or DOX

Taking part in anyway, in regards of doxing (releasing personal information of a player), DDoSing (Booting someone offline), or any other malicious activity in regards of booting someone offline, releasing information, etc, is against the rules.